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No. 8, Niloofar, Nelson Mandela Blvd. Tehran, Iran.

13. November 2017 by IBO2018
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  1. Good Afternoon,
    We live in Greece and my daughter would like to participate in the local test that leads to the international biology olympiad. However, she follows the International Baccalaureate and our country only allows students that follow the greek high school diploma to participate in the test. Is it possible that this would be allowed? She is not asking for special accommodations as she is fluent in Greek. Is it so in every other country? If yes how are international baccalaureate students represented in the competitions?
    Thank you for your time,
    Maria Nikolaidou

    • This question could be replied by Greek Colleagues, as IBO is a completion for winners of National Biology Olympiads. All the best

  2. Salam Aaaali Boood !

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