• Jury members will be staying in Espinas Palace Hotel. It is a 5-star hotel situated in the northwest of Tehran. The hotel is a fantastic alternative to conventional hotel accommodation. The boutique-style rooms and suites are fabulously equipped and friendly staff will attend to your every need, giving you complete privacy, when you need it and the comforts to which you are accustomed. Wi-Fi, DVD libraries, satellite television, inspired surroundings and some of the finest provisions are available.

• The Jury sessions will be held in the Jury Room at the same hotel. The jury room is large enough capable of holding up to 800 delegates.

• Students will be staying in Azad University Hotel, in Science and Research Branch, North of Tehran: a 13 story building with 44,435 sq.m of floor space built over 9,499 sq.m offering 88suits an 262 rooms . The hotel enjoys a large underground parking space as well as excellent sport facilities covering three floors.