Visa Information

The general steps for getting visa are as follows:

  1. You should register in IBO2018 registration system in your nation profile. You must upload your photo and a copy of your passport. You must also specify which Iranian embassy you plan to apply for visa. You have an option to choose the IKA airport for getting your visa on your arrival day. However, this option is not available for the nationals of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, India, Pakistan, UK, and USA.
  2. We submit your information to the foreign ministry in Tehran and get an authorization number. We request for 30-days visa. If you plan to enter  before or leave after IBO2018, please inform us via email at This step usually takes 4 weeks on average.
  3. You present your authorization number along with other required documents (completed visa application form, passport, two passport-size photos, travel insurance, visa fee, and other documents depending on your nationality) to the embassy and get your visa. This usually takes one week.